Thoughts Gallery April 2001
April 1
Image of the Day
Nothing like plugging into the television for a day of religious talks.  Now all I need is enough people in the area to convince the cable companies to pick up the satellite broadcast of the general conferences...
April 2
Image of the Day
Why blow up the plane when you can blow up the runway bridge that has the plane on it!!  Why blow up the bridge when you can just ram it with an 18-wheeler like some prozack-addicted people.  It's interesting to read how 10 people can stop a $20 billion dollar AA airline merger, because their rights as worker employee's of the company might be threatened.
April 3
Image of the Day
Here's a brave dog that decided to adopt these cute pups as it's own.  What's next cats adopting bobcats! 
April 4
Image of the Day
This is a illinois woman playing a rubber chicken in a kazoo band.  I guess she couldn't afford a better instrument.  What an insteresting image though, it looks like she's sucking on the ass of the chicken.
April 5
Image of the Day
What is your guess as to the purpose of this checkpoint??
  • Is it a checkpoint in Israel to find bombs.
  •  Is it a checkpoint in Iraq to find nuclear materials and biological weapons.
  • Is it a checkpoint to stop the flow of illegal aliens into Texas
  • Is it a checkpoint to find cocaine carriers in Colombia.
  • It is a checkpoint to sterilize your car against mad cow disease.
  • Is it a checkpoint to confiscate IRA contraband.
  • Is it a checkpoint to confiscate illegal vodka production in Russia
  • April 6
    Image of the Day
     Here's a cute baby giraffe that was just born in a zoo here in the United States.  What do you think the ods are of giraffe's becoming extinct in our lifetime.
    April 7
    Image of the Day
    Here is yet another brainwashed palestinian.  It's sad to see them struggling in vain for a lost cause.  They are attempting to demand property for which they hold no legal claim and their ignorant leader Arafat seems bent on pushing this region further into a war/conflict situation.  I think we will be seeing many more bull dozers in the future as Israel's attempt for a non-violent response to the continued attacks by the PLO snipers.
    April 8
    Image of the Day
    Here's another conference image from last week.  I would be curious to attend a music festival or concert in this hall. I wonder how much money it would take to rent out the hall for an evening...  I bet you BYU could even get it at a discount.
    April 9
    Image of the Day
    One day we will all be able to experience the thrill of a shuttle liftoff as we travel to other destinations.  Then where will all the unemployed astronaughts go.
    April 10
    Image of the Day
     Look at these cute little ducklings.  Now there's a perfect pet, you can raise it & make it all nice plump & fat, and they get it prepared at a meat processor for Christmas dinner.  I got a little duckling now, he chirps and whines just like a little puppy.
    April 11
    Image of the Day
    Nothing like a last minute scramble to get all the paper work in and signed to the title company, the bank, the seller, the parents and everyone so that we can close next week.  A little curious at this point as a fallen tree is still sitting on the neighbors roof from the last freeze we had over a month ago.
    April 12
    Image of the Day
    I came home from work today to find out my baby duck had died.  He wedged himself between the glass tank and a bowl of water and suffocated.  So I've learned always get ducks and little birds in pairs so that they will look out for each other and keep each other out of trouble.
    April 13
    Image of the Day
    Here's a interesting picture I found of James Buchanan.  My great great grandfather and I think 15th president of the U.S.  I've decided to start digging up information and see what I can find out about him.
    April 14
    Image of the Day
    This is where my sister wants to go in a few weeks.  She thinks she will have fun as she visits the historical sights around Israel and Egypt.  I think she should wait a while until this region is not in a full-scale war, or as they say not a political conflict.
    April 15
    Image of the Day
    Here's my mom dealing with Bank of America and the triple checking that they have all the original documents in their files for the closing tomorrow.
    April 16
    Image of the Day
    Today was the longest day in a while.  I woke up with butterflies in my stomach.  I didn't even have that when i went sky diving for the first time!!  We ended up pushing the closing back to 3:00 from 11:00.  After figuring out a fallen tree on the neighbors roof was definitely on my property we signed all the papers. 2003 Cody Court which you can see on this location map of South Austin, Texas.  As I sign away my life for $163,000 for the next 30 years.  Nothing like having your new tenants trying to get cheaper rent out of you after you've already signed away your life.  So I gained a new respect for a employee Rob Evans who has to deal with commercial tenants on a daily basis.
    April 17
    Image of the Day
    Well here's my dream house the chateau frontenac up in Canada.  Let's see it only took them 150 years of labor to build the chateau to it's current size.
    April 18
    Image of the Day
    Boy I am glad my house in only in the 500 year flood plain and not the 100 year flood plain.
    April 19
    Image of the Day
    I found out one of my tenants big rotwiler dogs died.  We think it's from the house being sprayed for the carpenter ants.  Apparently the chemical eats away at the lining of the dogs stomach and the tenant came home to find his big dog dead without warning.
    April 20
    Image of the Day
    This is apparently a talisman coin that Joseph Smith carried around with him.
    April 21
    Image of the Day
    I spent 8 hours today chopping down two 25 foot cedar trees in my front yard.  I am so sore from all that work and got a little sun tan in the process.  I managed to save myself about $700 by doing all the work myself.  I think I have another 3 or 4 trees that I'll need to chop down in the near future.  You'd think that a chain saw would make it a lot faster to chop up the tree into pieces but it's still a lot of work.  Apparently tree cutters make $30 an hour, I think I'll stick to my air conditioned job for now.
    April 22
    Image of the Day
    Today was such a nice day, very windy and nice blue skies.  I wandered around the city-wide garage cell and managed to find 2 old LDS books for a bargain.
    April 23
    Image of the Day
    Nothing like driving to Houston and back in a one day time period.  I spent the day in the CCI-Houston office working on upgrading some computers and configuring those new palm pilot toys.
    April 24
    Image of the Day
    Here's a picture from the other weekend when I went to Lake Travis to see is the water was any warmer, I ended up getting a little too much sun & got a little tan that pealed on my arm.
    April 25
    Image of the Day
    Here's a nice view of the sunset, I snatched my parents new digital camera to test out.  It's basically an exact copy of the Sony Mavica, but it's by Kodak, although it can read the LS-120 disks so you can store like 1000 images on one disk at the low level setting.  Know I see what Apple stuggles about with everyone trying to copy the design and color scheme of the Imacs.
    April 26
    Image of the Day
    Can you see where the real eye is.  This is a guy that poses on the streets of New York and then his wife starts painting him as he becomes a work of art.  It seems that I come across more and more body art uses these days.  I stood in line at Walmart tonight to buy a toilet flapper, now I am officially a landlord.
    April 27
    Image of the Day
    It's friday!!! Nothing like the end of a long week to make you feel better.  Here's the oldest woman in France getting a kiss from her retirement health keepers.  Now that's someone that needs a good hour in the Tan-It-All salons.
    April 28
    Image of the Day
    So do you think the US could win a war with China?? Because it looks like the next electronic war will be with them in the not to distant future.
    April 29
    Image of the Day
    How much money would you pay to go up in space for a week vacation??  Well this nice investor spent $20 million to the russian space organization to get his ticket to the new internatioal space station. 
    April 30
    Image of the Day

    How sad it is to see educated men  using religion as a cover for their insecurites

    Pastor Blames Gays for Foot-and-Mouth
        A British church pastor is distributing leaflets claiming that the latest outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in the U.K. countryside was caused by God's disapproval of homosexuality.  In the Moreton Christian Assembly's newsletter, pastor Ray Borlase suggests that the devastation wrought by foot-and-mouth disease is linked to the recent reduction in the U.K.'s age of consent for gay sex to 16.  "The last major outbreak of foot-and-mouth was in 1967. A Christian leader at that time linked that outbreak with two acts of Parliament. The first was the Abortion Act and the second was the legalising of homosexuality," writes Borlase. "Those acts permitted behaviour which would have brought the disapproval of God upon our nation. Soon afterwards the foot-and-mouth disease began to affect our country.  "In recent weeks, just prior to this outbreak, Parliament lowered the age of consent for homosexual acts to 16 -- mere minors! We have failed to protect our children from perversion. ... There is such a similarity between events in 1967 and this outbreak that we have to conclude this is more than a coincidence."  Local resident Julie Dean described herself as "totally and utterly gobsmacked" by the pamphlet. "It is publications like this that drive up the suicide rate for young gay people. Now every homophobic idiot thinks they have an excuse to terrorize lesbians and gays after a rowdy night at the pub, and I can guarantee that it will happen," she said. "The pastor of Moreton Christian Assembly should be ashamed of himself."  But Borlase did not back down from his allegations, saying, "The Bible clearly states that homosexuality is wrong."