Thought Gallery August 2000
August 1
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Day one of the first day of the rest of my life. I'm now officially a full-time worker for all that's worth. Hopefully i can retire in 30 years wouldn't that be nice
So if I want to retire with $1,000,000 i need to save $33,000 a year.
This is the crash of a concorde airplane and ends the days of supersonic flights across the atlantic.

August 2
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 We got a nasty complaint call by a tenant for leasing space out to a lingerie store.  I finally conquered Mechwarrior3, ahh the hours spent gaming online. I received a nice plaque today for being accepted as a life member of the Who's Who of Information Technology.
I'm still wondering how much that costs...
August 3
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 Well today was Janan's birthday at work, things were a bit slow with the owners out of the town. I haven't figured out a way to get rid of all the tech boards yet and make some money off of them. My usual source is not accepting any more buyback's. I'm still in the process of working on a computer for Paige. I installed the new Windows2000 SP1 patch and it killed my computer once again, so i won't be making any more upgrades anytime soon.  Oh the joys of paying rent and bills, nothing like working to pay for all the toys you want in life.
August 4
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 I got to go on a VIP tour of the new Houston temple, when the official open house starts tomorrow.  It's amazing what goes into a $30 million building.  It's amazing what doesn't get planned properly the first time around in a $20 million dollar building.  I took home a cool leather box with a CD and card thanking me for touring the temple.  Guess I have some items to make some $$ off of eBay.
August 5
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Definition of JARADITE - The first of eight Enshroudings of the Light Robe of Suns Ahman Israel. This ten leveled Order of Light concerns itself with freeing slaves from their dependence on others, especially Babylon, and prepares one for initiation in the higher Mohonrite Order lying just above it on the Tree of Life Ladder of Light. Jaguars were thought to be tied to the weather and rains of several civilizations, as well as standing for the power of the night.
August 6
Image of the Day
My current pets, Russian tortoises- Testudo Horsefieldii, I have a pair of them one male and one female.  At times I think I might have baby tortoises one day from their leisure activities.  They love tomatoes and anything that is the color red.  Supposedly they can live up to 50 years long, that is if they stay away from chasing cars.
August 7
Image of the Day
Marmes rock shelter key site
It's interesting to see how much archeological sites gets lost to our current needs for water and electricity. Time and time again, the same sites we choose to flood or build over were the same sites chosen in the past. 
August 8
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August 9
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My new watch, seems that most pocket watches i get don't seem to last that long.  3 months tops, so I'm going back to some of the older pocket watches to see if the quality of them is any better. This is a Swiss Elgin Select Pocket Watch with 15 jewels it was number 4904365.  I think I've gone through like 10 watches probably in the last 4 years.
August 10
Image of the Day
The brainpower of the future - Pop-Tarts
Can't figure out a major for college, then check out
a new field study of Pyrotartology
August 11
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Who would have thoughts such a cute cat could meow so loud at 6:30 in the morning.  I have decided that i will stick to my quiet pets like tortoises or fish.  Better yet my electronic pet fish or tarantula is even easier to take care of .  However I have retired my spanish speaking furby. 

WANTED: French speaking furby willing to adopt 

August 12 
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This is the evil bane of my existence.  Ohh the days of my macintosh, where everything just worked and no system or browser crashes.  I don't know how many countless hours I lost playing load runner on my Apple IIgs in my youth. 
August 13
Image of the Day
The shroud of Turin is on display for like 2 months before they box it up again for another 50 years.  I guess this is at least more interesting to look at than old bone chips or other relics claiming to be from the dawn of christianity.

Today was a nice slow day. I went to church and took a nice nap in the sun with my cat-subleasing from me- isabel.  I found out that my turtles are indifferent to tomatoes though, but they seem to love shredded carrots

August 14
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The results of too many bored hours of high school

The birth of the artist within
August 15
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Theatre is slowly dying in the digital age of virtual characters and voiceover's.  How much longer until AI can generate all the characters from a smart script and broadcast itself over the internet via high-bandwidth connections, while managing the e-commerce functions and creating additional storylines in it's spare cpu cycles.  Using a network of internet slaves to process the rendering of the characters in exchange for the owners name being included in the credits and sponsors of the production.  Utilizing reverse engineered lie-detectors to produce realistic stresses and emotions in a electronic voice aiding in the believability of the digital play.
August 16
Image of the Day
For the love of politics. There's nothing like dressing up in costume and dumping items on the front lawn of the Democratic National Convention.  Or listening to a Rage Against the Machine concert for all 10 minutes it lasts before the police decide to play gladiator with the protestors.  At what point in time does the knowledge of how to make a pipe bomb no longer create red flags by members of carnivore. 
August 17 
Image of the Day
The Kursk, the Soviet Union's most advance nuclear sub is destroyed with a single blow and 3 seconds later 118 people are slowly drowning underwater.  I wonder how the US armed forces compare to this.  At least one lesson is learned, always asked for help when offered, regardless of the sensitivity of the equipment involved. Speaking of nuclear power, why doesn't the 80 billion dollar station have a small nuclear reactor? We put them on satellite orbitals that are around for 50 year life cycles that only cost a few hundred million.
August 18
Image of the Day
I volunteered some time to the Houston Temple Open House.  A nice 4 hour shift in the hot humid houston weather to let people enjoy a quick 20 minutes tour of the temple.  I wonder how much people actually get out of a rushed silent tour of the building.  While the guides brisk through the building, ignoring questions asked by people and telling them to find someone after the tour to ask.  At least I didn't have a 2 hour wait to walk through the building after my shift was up.  Shortly if  Austin can get enough active people, we can get one built here, so that a 2 hour drive becomes 20 minutes.
KFC is evil, or at least some of its managers. The rudest manager I have ever seen was trying to screw customers out of their money, while badmouthing his employees and barking at every customer that wanted to place an order.  After watching him agitate 6 customers in front of me I got to partake of the ritual.
August 19
Image of the Day
What an exciting day. I had the privilege of paying $150 to watch people jump out of the sky for 6 hours.  There was so much going on from watching people pack their parachutes while drinking, to breathing in the fresh second-hand smoke air around me, to listening to the trapped children complain of watching sky diving movies for the hundredth time.  At least there was the dog to pet, which wasn't supposed to be allowed, according to the legal papers that I signed my life away on.  It's good to know that your can't sign away your life until your 18.  I did get a little sun for the day, and got comfortable watching all the brave talented sky diving movies.  Watching 300 people sky dive at the same time or playing toss with a weighted tennis ball, to kissing while in free fall.  I think I even watched Die Hard while there. 
You know, being young these days is difficult enough. The last thing your kids need is a satanic clown in their room, commanding them to go out and kill, brains bubbling around all the while.
August 20 
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What a crazy day. I wake up at the crack of dawn to go drive 1.5 hrs away to a small airfield. Only to jump out of an airplane at 14,500 feet. After watching a quick video talking about a recent sky diver falling to his death, to the embarrassment of one of the jump masters.  Definitely the best rush I ever had, it could easily be addicting if it only wasn't $150 to tandem jump. I hear that if you get trained that it drops to $18, now that's what I call a profit margin.  I think I put 1000 miles on my car in 3 days; I could have driven to California for that kind of traveling. 
This is a ceramic liquor jug, with a rather unlikely spout. Yes, the booze comes out of where you think it comes out of. Both the jug and the woman's rear-end bear the legend "Lay off. This is the old man's private stuff." I leave you with the seller's own haunting words... "One 'pour' breay is clooged with what appears to be some factory ceramic glaze."
August 21
Image of the Day
Ah the joys of work. Slave labor at it's finest.
I think DNA security sensors are trusted to much.  These biometric hand security sensors are being implemented for security access to telecom pop sites.
He knows when you've been sleeping! He knows when you're awake! He knows when you're... yikes!
August 22
Image of the Day
My last day to sleep in until my schedule picks up again.
Finally! A moose-shaped cream dispenser. 
Seller quote - "Guaranteed old"
August 23 
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Seems that people will do almost anything for $1,000,000 these days, but is it really all that much money to sell yourself for.  I followed the crowd along with 50 million other people to spend 2 hours watching way too many commercials and voting for the other islander to win.  Guess I should start playing online bingo or something so I can win some money. Well looks like I need to have a goal to start up my own website company and then have a nice big IPO.
August 24
Image of the Day
A worm similar to the 'Love' bug was created, it arrives as an e-mail attachment titled 'Pikachu is your friend.'  The Japanese Pokemon cartoon character has mutated on the the Internet as a little computer-virus, spreading himself via e-mails like the 'Love' bug did.
Now if we could only mutate Barney into killing digital phones.
August 25
Image of the Day

Noting like seeing 5:00 roll around on friday to make your mood better.  Now if only i could get my hands on a hover car to get home to work 7 not have to wait in traffic. It's amazing how a book company can make $1000 off of reselling a $100 book to students every semester.
This one is best summed up with a selection of quotes from the seller...
"Many people have a mounted head on the wall, but can you actually say you have a butt on the wall." this Butt is perfect in every detail, right down to the crack in his BUTT."  "The value of this unique BUTT is about $300.00" Boy, somebody got an awfully good deal at only $90, then.
August 26
Image of the Day
My first movie in over a month, I must be getting lazy on seeing on the new releases, was God's Army.  It was one of the few attempts I've seen at portraying the life of a lds missionary without getting caught up in making a final judgment or comment about religion.  There's nothing like the movie Orgasmo to make you see how much some people really hate and despise organized religion. 
How about a lovely set of coconut lamps? This one is your basic model. The other (click on the magnifying glass) is encrusted with fancy sea shells and a small lizard of some description. "Perfect for your tiki bar," says the seller. Yes, or your incinerator.
August 27 
Image of the Day
I finally made it out to one of the Austin landmarks, I ate dinner at the Oasis and watched the sunset.  Wow it only took me like 5 years to finally drive out there and see the sunset.  I haven't watched the sunset probably in over a year.  I continued my movie jaundice by seeing 'The Cell' and 'The Art of War'.
August 28
Image of the Day
The first day of school ,what else is there to say, but the summer is officially over. Saw the movie '9th Gate' today.  It's amazing how many movies just copy exact scenes and plots from movies decades earlier.  As only the movie junkies would recognize the scenes or plotlines. Every year the freshmen seem younger and younger. 
August 29
Image of the Day
 I'm so amazed that people cry wolf about microsoft and then every year they are willing do spend $200 on the "latest" version of windows.  As Windows ME hits the shelf I wonder how many people will run out to buy the same software with just a different label on it.  How long will it take before we get a tech CEO that gets nominated for president?  We got a black school teacher and a CEO onto the reform ticket this time around.  This time it was more for show, but next time, sooner rather than later, one of the two major parties is going to select an executive from the computer industry as its candidate for vice president.
August 30
Image of the Day
Nothing like waking up at 4:30 in the morning to start your day. Power to the Cheetos makers, the cheesy snack. Ever curious as to what you are eating, look below to see what gets crammed into every little puff.
CHEETOS Count Calories   Carbohydrate    
per 1 oz. Total From Fat Sodium Total Fiber Sugar Protein
  (28 g)     (mg) (g) (g) (g) (g)
Crunchy 21 160 90 290 15 <1 1 2
Curls 15 150 90 290 15 1 1 2
Puffs 29 160 90 370 15 <1 <1 2
Puffed Balls 38 150 90 300 15 <1 1 2
Flamin' Hot 21 160 90 280 15 <1 1 2
Zig Zags 17 170 100 370 17 <1 <1 2
August 31
Image of the Day
Plans never seem to go as the first come out.  Driving from one end of town to another is not fun. Ester's Follies, capital city comedy club seem to not like late thursday evening shows these days.  Why aren't foam parties every weekend.  Why not convert a children's playground over to a foam party location every now and then.  Seems that it's time to get my hands on a DVD player, now that more and more space.