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January 1
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This interesting piece of art was installed overnight during the new years celebrations. Nothing like a plain monolithic piece of art to leave the public stumped. Note to self - install public art on public property only.
January 2
Image of the Day
Ambitious personal organizer owners can now move beyond such passe uses such as making phone calls, ordering movie tickets, or snapping photos with their Palm: now they can turn it into a robot. With a $300 kit available over the Web, everyday people can turn their Palm Pilots into the brains of a mobile robot, equipped with infrared sensors and omnidirectional wheels. 

Next the robotic dog will come with a little palm pilot, gps tracking device, and remote video camera for parents to be able to watch their younger kids while playnig outside with their new robotic friend

January 3
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The beds at the the Montmorency Falls Ice Hotel, which is still under construction, is shown January 03, 2001. Quebec City Montmorency Falls Ice Hotel is the first in North America, 4,500 tons of snow and 250 tons of ice is used in the construction of the Hotel, the 1,000-square-meter hotel will have six guest suites, a soaring entry hall and two art galleries showcasing ice sculptures
January 4
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Death of a Salesman
Seems like everyone is havnig hard times these days, Sears is set to close 89 stores, while it looks like Montgomery Wards is closing the majority of its stores.  I read something the other day that at the current wholesale market costs for electricitt in california it would cost $20 an hour to keep a computer running. That's market deregulation for you at it's finest, ahhh the joys of a profit driven industry verses an consumer services industry. In my searches of the net I came across some interesting LDS historical research that people do, follows are excepts of the information:

This is my vote for survivor II finalist
January 5 - Some interesting words from the past
The First Presidency of the Mormon church still hold ground that the Hill Cumorah in New York is where the final battle took place.

The tribe is called the Oneida(s) and they protected a hill called Hill Oneida (which a town Oneida Tower was named after) where the remnants of an ancient tower are built.Joseph Smith was said to have gone around to several hills in the area, one which he dug out another cave and he said there was a great Nephite captain buried with his treasure there but he never gained access to it.  He said the majority of the hills were artificial, and built long ago. I think some of the hills were built before the Jaredites even arrived and were built during the time of Enoch, Noah and Adam.  It is written that Adam had a cave of treasures in a hill, this may be around Tower hill.

The most popular story is of Solomon Spaulding.  He wrote a story called the manuscript which is said to be just a story he wrote, but it looks to much to me like an actual journal of events, and a translation of a record he found when he lived near some mounds in Ohio.There is yet to be given a translation about Jared's people's doings and of Nephi, and many other records and books, which all has to be done, when the time comes."How does it compare with the vision that Joseph and others had, when they went into a cave in the hill Cumorah, and saw more records than ten men could carry? There were books piled up on tables, book upon book. Those records this people will yet have, if they accept of the Book of Mormon and observe its precepts, and keep the commandments.” [Brigham Young]called the hill Cumorah, that being its ancient name, and this hill was about three miles from where this young man resided, in the town of Manchester, Ontario County, State of New York. 

Four hundred and twenty years after that great event the Prophet Moroni informs us that he also was commanded to hide up this abridgment in the same hill, but in another part of it, in which his father Mormon hid up the sacred records.” [Orson Pratt]

When Will the Remainder of the Records Come Forth?
"Right after the great tribulation is over. A civil war more bloody and cruel than the rebellion. It will be a smashing up of this

nation, about which time the second great work has to be done, a work like Joseph did, and the translation of the sealed plates, and peace all over.  It was said to us, that the second great work should commence when nearly all the witnesses to the first plates had passed away, so I may live and see those things take place." [David Whitmer]

“Then there is still another record to come forth. John the Baptist is said by the highest authority to be one of the greatest Prophets ever born of a woman; but we have very little written in the Jewish record concerning him. We have a revelation in the Doctrine and Covenants concerning the record of John, that great Prophet. And we are promised that if we were faithful as a people, the fullness of the record of John shall hereafter be revealed to us. When we get this, I think we shall have still more knowledge in regard to doctrine and principle, and things that are great and marvelous, of which we know very little, if anything about. this is not all. The Lord has told us that he would bring forth those brass plates that Lehi and the families that families that came with him from Jerusalem, some six hundred years before Christ, brought with them, which contain the history of the creation, and the writings of inspired men down to the days of Jeremiah; they came out in Jeremiah's day. We are informed in the "Book of Mormon" that they contained many prophecies very great and extensive in their nature. And when these plates, now hidden in the hill Cumorah, are brought to light we shall have the history of the Old Testament much more fully, with the addition of a great many prophecies that are not now contained in that record. The prophecies of Joseph in Egypt were very great, and we are told in the "Book of Mormon" that there were a great many given to him. When we have all those, also the prophecies of Neum, a great Prophet who prophecied concerning Christ; also those of Zenos and Zenock, and others of which only bare reference is given; and then again when the ten tribes of Israel come from the north country, they will bring with them their records which they have kept since seven hundred and twenty years before Christ, which will contain an account of the hand dealing of God among that lost people, which doubtless will be exceedingly interesting as well as instructive.” [Orson Pratt]

Various others in their theories that the actual location of Cumorah was somewhere in Mexico or Central America, I firmly stand my ground even though their convictions may seem just as strong to them, that I know for a fact that the hill in New York is the actual Cumorah of the Nephites and the Ramah of the Jaredites.

Although I have been taught that some of the ancient caves do in fact connect to a vast underground network in which leads to
portals which can take someone to another hill almost instantly, I am sticking to a more logical theory for now. Something of this significance would have been mentioned if Moroni took armies underground and transported them back and forth through the


Since Joseph found the white lamanite Zelph in Illinois around large burial mounds similar to Cumorah in New York, and that Zelph served under the great prophet Onondage, or Onondagas who was known from the Atlantic ocean, Cumorah, to the Rocky Mountains. 

These Hopewell mounds were said to have been built around 500-600 BC, and some of the newer ones, around 300-400 AD about the same time-frame of the last Nephite battles.

January 6
Image of the Day
I found that the mound behind hill cumorah a little less than 3/4 a mile long is exactly a straight line, as three other mounds in the area are parallel to cumorah.  These mounds are exactly like the ones in Ohio which were found to contain mass graves and tombs, if the mound behind cumorah is a tomb, which I have been revealed it is, it could easily hold several thousand bodies.  Moroni and some others lived for about 40 years after that battle, that was plenty of time to bury the bodies up in tombs.  Carrie and I also found a mound about 3/4 mile south-east of Cumorah which looked peculiar, looks man-made and looks as if it could be an entrance into the second mound.
January 7
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At the north end of Cumorah is where the stone box and the Gold Plates of Moroni were found. Behind Cumorah there another mound about 3/4 mile long which is similar to Hopewell burial mounds found all over Ohio and update New York.  These mounds were found to have mass graves, signs of a great battle and bodies heaped on top of one another.  As well these mounds were also found to contain relics, stone boxes, pottery, weapons, treasures and the like. For the Hopewell and Oneida native believed that they would take these things with them into the next world.  This is also an Egyptian custom, and as well the Nephites would have retained some Egyptian customs because the brass plates of Laban were Egyptian.  On the south - west side of Cumorah is what I found a strange marking on the ground which looks like a question mark, as well exactly parallel
to this about 1/4 mile to the east on the other side of Cumorah there is a smaller mound which looks apparently man made, and as well there is another strange marking on the ground which looks again like a question mark, this small mound begins exactly at the start of the long straight mound in the middle, and looks as if it could have been an entrance into the middle mound.

Original Navoo Foundation Blocks
January 8
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Research on Tower Hill, Altar of Father Adam and the Nephite wall.
From what I knew of church history a Nephite Altar was found on Tower Hill.  I felt surely that it was nearby even though the landmark signs placed there by the LDS Church on the grounds claim the whereabouts were unknown. 

So I got out my CD-rom which contained all the histories of the church, all the old church periodicals, journals of early saints and personal
diaries of Joseph Smith.  What I found there confirmed my promptings about Tower Hill and that Tower Hill was the Spring Hill mentioned of by the early saints and that on this hill was where Adam had his altar and not at the location where the Mormon church placed a sign in the middle of a field. 

January 9
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Adam-ondi-Ahman was referred to during prophet Joseph Smith, Jr.'s time as Spring Hill and is located at in Daviess County, Missouri. "SPRING Hill is named by the Lord Adam-ondi-Ahman, because, said he, it is the place where Adam shall come to visit his people, or the Ancient of Days shall sit, as spoken of by Daniel the prophet." (D&C 116:1.) Spring Hill is north of the valley of Adam-ondi-Ahman, "through which runs Grand River, described by the Prophet Joseph as a 'large, beautiful, deep and rapid stream, during the high waters of spring.' In the spring and summer the surrounding valley is most beautiful, with its scattered farms discernible as far as the eye can reach." Joseph Fielding Smith, Jr
January 10
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When the altar was first discovered: 
...it was about sixteen feet long, by nine or ten feet wide, having its greatest extent north and south. The height of the altar at each end was some two and a half feet, gradually rising higher to the center, which was between four and five feet high--the whole surface being crowning. Such was the altar at "Diahman" when the Prophet's party visited it. Now, however, it is thrown down, and nothing but a mound of crumbling stones mixed with soil, and a few reddish boulders mark the spot which is doubtless rich in historic events. History of the Church, Vol. 3, p. 39, Footnotes. 
January 11
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The account of the discovery of "Adam's Altar" is quite different from that for the "Nephite altar or tower." Abraham O. Smoot, a member of the survey team for Adam-ondi-Ahman, is quoted as having said that Joseph Smith was not present when "Adam's Altar" was discovered: President Smoot said that he and Alanson Ripley, while surveying at the town [i.e., Adam-ondi-Ahman], which was about 22 miles from Jackson County, Missouri, came across a stone wall in the midst of a dense forest of underbrush. The wall was 30 feet long, 3 feet thick, and 4 feet high. It was laid in mortar or cement. When Joseph visited the place and examined the wall he said it was the remains of an altar built by Father Adam and upon which he offered sacrifices after he was driven from the Garden of Eden. He said that the Garden of Eden was located in Jackson County, Missouri. The whole town of Adam-ondi-Ahman was in the midst of a thick and heavy forest of timber and the place was named in honor of Adam's altar. The Prophet explained that it was upon this altar where Adam blessed his sons and his posterity, prior to his death. Leland H. Gentry, B.Y.U. Studies, Vol. 13, No. 4, p. 565 (citing Matthias F. Cowley, Wilford Woodruff: History of His Life and Labors (Salt Lake City: Deseret News, 1909), pp. 545-546.). 

Leland H. Gentry points out from his review of various descriptions that "The 'altar' was 'a quarter of a mile down the
road,' rather than on top of Tower Hill where the Nephite altar was found."Leland H. Gentry, BYU Studies, Vol13, No4, pg568.

Hill Cumorah
January 12
Image of the Day
Area of Difference      Altar "A"                       Altar "B"
1. Origin               1. Nephite or Adamic            1. Adamic
2. Condition          2. "no one stone on             2. Some stones
                           another in 1838 to                  scattered recognizable
                           show but altar                  form when discovered,
                           standing in size or             having measurable
                           form"                              dimensions
3. Size                 3. Stones scattered to          3. Five or six feet
                          circle of 30 feet               long, another account
                          in diameter.                    says "16 feet long by 9 or 10 feet wide"; 2 1/2 feet at each end but gradually rising in the center
4. Description          4. Good masonry work            4. Untooled stones
                        "dressed stone, nice            but "laid accurately
                        joints, ten inches              as any wall nowadays"
                        thick, 18 inches or             in actual mortar or
                        more long"; "stones of          cement; none like them
                        different sizes" and            in the area; stones
                        apparently native to            partly burned and many
                        the area; some partly           exposed above ground;
                        burned and most if not          3 altars in rising
                        all bared by Joseph             tiers representing 3
                        Smith at nearly a foot          orders of the
                        deep.                           priesthood
5. Location             5. On top of the hill           5. On a sidehill"; "about
                                                              a quarter of a mile down the road" but also on the "highest point of the bluff" "in the midst of dense forest
                                                              or underbrush"; perhaps a "tower" on the prairie
6. Excavation           6. Yes                          6. Yes
7. Approximate Date     7. May 18, 1838, with           7. After 20 June 1838,
of Discovery            Joseph Smith present            with Joseph Smith not present
Leland H. Gentry, B.Y.U. Studies, Vol. 13, No. 4, p. 575.
January 13
Image of the Day
Adam-ondi-Ahman was not just a small spot resting on the brow of the hill, but this name has reference to the surrounding territory. One can obtain a beautiful view from this ancient altar overlooking the valley through which courses Grand River. It was in this valley where Adam called together the faithful of his posterity three years before his death and blessed them. (D.&C. 107:53.) It will be in this same valley where the Ancient of Days shall sit at the grand gathering of the worthies who have held keys of the dispensations, and where Adam will make his report, likewise all others who have been given keys, and our Savior shall be crowned King of kings and take his place as the rightful ruler of the earth. 
January 14
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Orange Wight Auto, BYU, 43
I was now eleven years old.  Father was again called on a mission, but  returned shortly and we made arrangements to move to Caldwell County,  Missouri.  We moved to Caldwell County and settled about three miles from Far West--most of the Saints moved from Clay to Caldwell.  Also we had a great  many newcomers from the east so we began to number the Saints by thousands instead of hundreds.  The county population increased to such an extent that it was thought proper to establish a settlement in another county; hence, we moved to Daviess County and our principle settlement at a place on Grand River called--afterwards Adam-ondi-Ahman, named by the Prophet Joseph Smith from the fact as the Prophet Joseph told {Joseph Smith, miracles} us that it was the place where Adam offered his holy sacrifice.  The altar was still there and not far from our house when we went there.  Our family was among the first to move to that county and father bought land of one Adam Black; you will see his name mentioned in most of the church histories. 

2 I wish now to give a description of the [Adam's] altar, more particular the situation and also other things in the neighborhood including some things that are [cached] there.  Please find with this a diagram of the place with notes of explanation.

Here we find out that a map of the area exists somewhere - a diagram showing where the altar was.  If we can find a hard copy of the Orange White Autobiography perhaps it will have this diagram attached. 

January 15
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Traveling north on Highway 35, we visited Far West. Although markers explain how God told Joseph Smith that Far West was to become a city complete with a temple "for the gathering of my saints" (D&C 115), the temple never became a reality. All that remains today are four cornerstones. East on Highway 36 and north on Highway 13 is the site of Adam-ondi-Ahman, located a few miles north of Gallatin.

Some of this information above comes from "The Lost Lands of the Book of Mormon by Phyllis Carol Olive."

January 16
Image of the Day
Today my extended family shrank one member.  One of my cousins was killed in a car accident. It's amasing how life can change in the blink of an eye. How many things do you have left on your lifetime goal of to-do list?
January 17
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This is the perfect chair for me, now all it needs is a umbrella to shade the sun while i sit on the beach in the Caribbean.
January 18
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Guess mass bathing is still in theses days in parts of the world.  It's interesting to see how some cultures still incorporate group bonding activities into the modern society.  They had to redivert the sewage flows into the rivers upstream so that the groups here would have a clean place to swim and bath in.  Don't people want to swim in clean non-sewage water all year round??
January 19
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January 20
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January 21
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The ship 'Jessica,' carrying 160,000 gallons of diesel fuel and about 80,000 gallons of IFO 120, that ran aground four days ago, is leaking oil into the ecologically sensitive waters near Ecuador's Galapagos Islands, the government. The Galapagos National Park preserves the creatures and their natural habitat, where they have evolved for thousands of years in isolation and with little human intervention. 

So we find this undiscovered unspoiled area and then we try to import our technology to this beautiful area, and kill it off slowly in the process. This makes perfect sense to me; Save the dolfins, kill the ecosystem they live in.

January 22
Image of the Day
It will be interesting to see how many of the wonders of the world will survive all the pollution and technolization over the next 50 years.  Too many animals are already becoming extinct all over the earth.  While money-hungry job environmentalist turn off most of society to the ills of the growth of our advanced society.  Greenpeace needs to take a clue from Phillip-Morris and learn when to back off from subject, and how to concentrate your efforts more effectively.
January 23
Image of the Day
I was amused by this little cartoon character of twinkie the kid.  Nothing like a little creme-filled pastry to make you re-think what you've been eating.

Down with Krispie Kreme doughnuts Power to the Popcorn growers

January 24
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I think this sums up my desire for a soft comfy bed
January 25
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As much as I hate the red tape of developments and zoning ordinances. There is the light at the end of the tunnel, theoretically austin shouldn't turn into a garbage pile if the aquifer fault that runs through here ever becomes active again.
January 26
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Turf Wars!!
January 27
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Too much of a good thing becomes bad.  In this instance almost revolting.  Nothing like turning yourself into a human windchime to get you ahead in the business world.  I think he would make an excellent media rep for Scientologist.
January 28
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January 29
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Someone beat me to the punch to take advantage of Bush's presidency already.  I think the average texan would be a little smarter than that though.  I think all those convenience store clerks are very familiar with U.S. currency denominations; as they transfer the funds outside the US back home to their families.
January 30
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January 31
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