Thoughts Gallery January 2003
January 1
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Enjoyed the day relaxing around the house, and doing some light cleaning.  Then enjoyed the movie Catch Me If You Can, an overall good movie, but with some slow parts where the script needed to be developed more to actually develope the main characters persona.  I would give it a 7.5 out of 10. Fell asleep watching info tv about crocodiles.
January 2
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Spent several hours this evening stuffing wedding announcement envelopes, and getting them all ready to go out in the mail.  Then relaxed to watch some info tv about ants.
A crab lies on a piece of solidified fuel oil on the fuel stained sea bed near the Cies Islands natural reserve off the Galician coast. Some 125 tons of fuel oil are leaking from the wreckage of the sunken tanker Prestige each day and takes about one day to float to the surface of the Atlantic off the northwest coast of Spain, officials said.
January 3
Image of the Day
 The world's smallest globe is shown in this undated handout photo next to a U.S. quarter coin. The globe was curved on a part of elephant tooth and then colored. Its height is 5.3 mm and its diameter is 2.9 mm. Chen Yupei, a miniature-sculptor in Shanghai, spent several hundred hours making it in 1987. China, chalking up entries in the Guinness Book of Records at a steady clip, has been given its own Guinness office, set up by the organization's London headquarters to screen potential applicants for future editions.
January 4
Image of the Day
Trying to lighten your load by carrying ballons is not as easy a task as it sounds....
January 5 
Image of the Day
Here's my new type of tow I want to get, just have to figure out who has the best tablet pc out there...
 This is an undated handout photo of the Viewsonic AirPanel 100. Seeking to make computing more convenient, mobile and, well, personal, high-tech companies led by Microsoft are now selling devices that have all the functionality of a computer crammed into a cordless, portable and lightweight screen. With a list price of $999, The ViewSonic AirPanel 100 weighs less than 3 pounds and has a screen about 10-inches. It's not quite large enough for use as a full-time display for the host PC but it's more thanadequate for carting around the house.
January 6
Image of the Day
You couldn't pay me enough money to be this performer.  Turbulent waters at work, a fellow friend and employee Marcus was given his 2 weeks notice today.  So it will be interesting to see the direction this company takes over the upcoming months.
 Mohammad Ali, 27, performs with scorpions at the Snake House in Rawalpindi, near Islamabad December 28, 2002. The newly opened reptile house is home to a few hundred snakes and entrance to the place is free. 
January 7
Image of the Day
What if I would wear dog..... Seems that Peta is starting to become more aggressive in pushing it's stance on the public to swing the fickle vote its way
January 8
Image of the Day
This is the new perfect get away vehicle for crimes, take note, of it, as this would be my choice of vehicle to escape the police in almost any situation.  Atlas I guess you couldn't steal much more than a few diamonds though, as you'd have no where to hid much of anything except for in your clothes. 
Chrysler Group Chief Operating Officer Wolfgang Bernhard motors along the stage aboard the brand-new Dodge Tomahawk V-10, 8.3-liter (505 cubic inch) concept motorcycle at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The Tomahawk features four-wheel independent suspension, and the superbike's engine, borrowed from the Viper sports car, can propel it at speeds of nearly 400 mph.
January 9
Image of the Day
A poster from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) protesting KFC. PETA said it is launching a boycott against KFC because of alleged animal-rights abuses by the chain of fried-chicken restaurants. The Norfolk, Va.,-based animal rights group said it has tried for nearly two years to persuade KFC's parent company, Yum Brands Inc. of Louisville, Ky., to change the way it raises and slaughters chickens. PETA will formally launch the campaign by unveiling new 'Kentucky Fried Cruelty' posters, leaflets, stickers, at a news conference  near the company's Louisville, Ky., headquarters.
January 10
Image of the Day
 Michael Moshier, chief executive of defense contractor Trek Aerospace, stands next to the SoloTrek XFV Exo-skeletor Flying Vehicle outside the company building in Sunnyvale, Calif. The strap-on aircraft, which made its maiden flight in December 2001, will debut  during an online auction on eBay with a starting bid of about $50,000, according to Moshier.
January 11
Image of the Day
A man demonstrates to prospective buyers the new video game, called 'Bin Laden versus USA,' which shows the faces of the prime terrorist suspect and U.S. President George W. Bush at a street stall in Baguio, northern Philippines. The China- made version of the current craze Game Boy's gameplan is for the player to defend the twin towers from being bombed by Bin Laden's suicide bombers by using American anti-terrorist weapons. It sells for 250 pesos (US$5). 
January 12
Image of the Day
 Worried that visitors don't stop at Soap Lake, Washington any more even though its medicinal waters reputedly can cure anything from sheep parasites to snake bite, civic leaders are seriously considering trying to revive the tourist trade with a towering 60-foot-high lava lamp in the center of downtown, complete with viewing platform. The proposed installation is shown in this artist's rendition. 
January 13
Image of the Day
 The sun sets as Mt. McKinley casts its reflection on Reflection Pond at the west end of Denali National Park road a few miles east of Camp Denali in Denali Park, Alaska. Denali was cited as one of 'America's Ten Most Endangered National Parks' in an annual list released by The National Parks Conservation Association.
January 14
Image of the Day
 An ancient stone tablet is displayed at a Jerusalem archeological institute. Israeli geologists said that they have examined the stone tablet detailing repair plans for the Jewish Temple of King Solomon that, if authenticated, would be a rare piece of physical evidence confirming biblical narrative.
January 15
Image of the Day
Now you know when it's time to upgrade your horse to a truck...
January 16
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 Brent Moffatt broke the world record for most piercings by sticking hundreds of surgical needles thru his legs and torso in Winnipeg. Moffatt broke the previous Guiness record of 200 piercings in about one and one-half hours and planned to stop at 1000 piercings. 
January 17
Image of the Day
 Panasonic PR staff shows off the electric appliance manufacturer's new long-life flourescent bulbs in Tokyo. The 12-watt bulb is as bright as 60-watt bulbs, saves energy 80 percent and will last about eight years by using 10 hours a day.
January 18
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January 19
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 Penguins swim at the San Francisco Zoo in San Francisco. A few penguins swimming leisurely at the San Francisco Zoo is nothing new. But dozens of them doing laps in unison for hours has zookeepers perplexed. It all started this past November when six newcomer Magellannic penguins were brought in. Since then the penguin pool at the San Francisco Zoo has been a daily frenzy of circle swimming by all of the 52 birds at once.
January 20
Image of the Day
 Chinese scientists have discovered fossils of a feathered, four-winged dinosaur which they say provides new evidence of the origin of avian flight. The creature, called Microraptor gui, is less than a metre long and is thought to have glided from tree to tree, similar to flying squirrels, in an intermediary step before full, flapping flight.
January 21
Image of the Day
A small section of Buell's Creek in Brockville, Ont., Canada is covered by the hundreds of ducks that have decided to stay the winter. The flock, almost entirely mallards, doesn't stray far from the water and is fed regularly by residents. 
January 22 Thought of the Day
US Tells Citizens Abroad: Be Ready to Move
WASHINGTON - The State Department is sending a cable to embassies around the world telling Americans abroad to be ready to leave their resident country quickly in an emergency, State Department officials said. A senior official made no comment when asked if the cable was related to the possibility of a U.S.-led military campaign against Iraq, which Washington has threatened with war if it fails to give up its suspected weapons of mass destruction. The message to U.S. citizens advises them to have a supply of prescription medicines on hand, keep their passports up to date and maintain adequate stocks of food in the event of political unrest, natural disasters or "terror" attacks.
       "The Department is asking all U.S. embassies and consulates worldwide to send a warden message to local American communities with advice on preparedness for an emergency," said State Department spokeswoman Susan Pittman, reading from prepared "talking points." U.S. embassies typically send such "warden messages" to update Americans living abroad on security threats and to offer advice on precautions they might take to protect themselves. "The warden message summarizes general steps American citizens traveling or living abroad should follow to ensure they are prepared for an emergency, whether it is a personal emergency or is the result of political or economic unrest, natural disaster, or terrorist attack," Pittman added.
       A senior State Department official, who first disclosed the warnings, made no comment when asked if it was related to the possibility of a war with Iraq, which the United States accuses of having chemical, biological and nuclear weapons programs. "We're asking our embassies to remind Americans ... to take normal preparations, routine preparations, to leave if for some reason, whatever it might be, they might have to," said the senior official, who spoke on condition that he not be named. Asked if he was saying the warning was totally routine, he replied: "I didn't say it was totally routine. I said we are doing this and that we have done it before. We thought it was appropriate to remind people to take appropriate precautions." 
January 23
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January 24
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Looks like fruits will be more expensive this year...
January 25
Image of the Day
Rainbow, left, nuzzles the ear of her clone 'cc', for 'carbon copy', on a table at Texas A&M University, in College Station, Texas, a little more than a year after cc's birth. Even though the cats share the same DNA, each use it differently, leaving them with different markings and individual personalities.
January 26
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Watched the superbowl this evening.  It's interesting how the game has changed since I last watched a superbowl football game.  The advertisements weren't as good as in the years past in my opinion. 
Traffic jams form along Nnamdi Azikiwe Street in Lagos,
Nigeria. Drivers in Lagos are stopping to gape at UFOs -- unidentified flashing objects -- that have been mysteriously appearing at busy intersections around the city, the commercial nerve center of Nigeria.
January 27
Image of the Day
My sister Heidi got her mission call today.  She was called to serve as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Baltic Mission (Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania, located  right next to Russia and the Baltic Sea in Europe) where she will learn to speak Russian.  She goes into the Provo, Utah missionary training center on March 12, 2003 and will serve for 18 months.  So her and my dad will be able to converse back and forth in russian one day.
  January 28
Image of the Day
Germany's Professor Gunther von Hagens performs a public autopsy in London. Britain's TV watchdog , 2002 dismissed complaints from viewers that televising the country's first public autopsy since 1830 was sensationalist and gratuitous. The Independent Television Commission said it did not believe the late-night program that showed von Hagens slicing up the corpse of a 72-year-old man broke its rules on taste and decency. Thirty-four viewers complained about the program shown by Channel 4 in November and aired shortly before midnight.
January 29
Image of the Day
Is he 'The Invisible Man' by H.G. Wells? It looks like as if three men walking behind are seen through the body of graduate student Kazutoshi Obana during a demonstration of optical camouflage technology at the Tokyo University in Tokyo. The demonstration conducted by Faculty of Engineering Prof. Susumu Tachi is an early stage of his research that will eventually enable camouflaged objects virtually transparent by wearing an optical device. This photo was taken through a viewfinder that provides with a combined image of moving images taken behind Obana and him wearing a luminous jacket that makes a transparent effect. The technology can be useful for various professions such as surgeons who wish their own fingers and surgical tools won't block the view of affected parts and pilots who wish cockpit floors were transparent for landings. 
January 30
Image of the Day
Rex Hall of Dallas puts the finishing touches on a life size 'Hot Wheels' hot rod named Twin Mill, at the AutoRama World of Wheels show in Chicago. The car has two Chevy 502 Big Block engines. 
January 31
Image of the Day
A woman threads a live snake up her nose and out her mouth during a performance at the Temple of the Earth fair on the eve of Chinese New Year in Beijing. Thousands crowded the fair Friday in early celebrations of the Year of the Goat, which begins Saturday