Thought Gallery September 2000
September 1
Image of the Day
 Only someone on substances would look at this and think it resembles an owl. Here's some bands I'm into depending on my mood: 
Led Zeppelin Nirvana 





Cranberries Mozart 

Skid Row 


Black Sabbath 

The Who 

The Ramones 


Snoop Dog 

Fat Boy Slim
Nine Inch Nails 




Pink Floyd 



Sisters of Mercy 



Limp Bizkit 




The Machine in the Garden
Manu Chou 

Type O Negative 


Alice In Chains 

Pearl Jam 



Depeche Mode 

The Cure 

Skinny Puppy 

Faith No More Rammstein 


Chemical Brothers 

Coal Chamber 

Digital Underground
September 2
Image of the Day
What is the world coming to. We are officially a consumer service economy.  Indoor Valet parking is only $39.95 a day at the Houston airport.  While parking across the street from my work in downtown Austin is now $8 per day.  It was only $2 a day 3 years ago. I found out that I need to switch over away from Microsoft Office 10 or they will expands there monopoly on my desktop even further, guess it's time to start looking at Star Office seriously.  Mac OS X is finally out, only 3 years after it was purchased, while the BeOS would have been ready to ship within months of being acquired.
September 3
Image of the Day
Nothing like sitting in Dairy Queen for 4 hours to make your realize how much money fast food makes.  How entertaining to watch the locals go to the gas station mini-mart to buy groceries or chat over the latest air cushion seat for 18-wheeler trucks.  The music is just to die for, listening to a one hour track of pop classics loop over and over again.  Although the unlimited refills while in the dining area was impressive, that's the best 99¢ I've spent in a long time.  I was able to enjoy this scenery after my car decided it needed another cash infusion to keep running. The damage was a new timing belt, tension pulley, oil change,and power steering fluids.  I blame it all on my sister Paige who willed my car not to work as she didn't want to go to church.
September 4
Image of the Day
 This is my all time favorite game. Do you know what game it is? If you do I would be surprised as this game has been out of print for over 30 years. Its called Twixt.  I used to spend hours playing this game with my roommates and cousins on family vacations.  The other game I enjoy playing is called Space Lines, it is a 3D version of connection four that is very very challenging. Then of course if checkers, there's nothing like having an all night checkers competition at a party, wandering from room to room and checking to see who's the current holder of the soft chair.
September 5
Image of the Day
 This is the hole in the ozone layer.  It's supposedly 3 times the size of the United States this year, so I understand this heat wave and drought a little more that we are going through here  in texas.  There's nothing like a long dinner with friends to make you relax and wish you only had to work on the weekend and could enjoy the week doing hobbies or on adventures. We finally closed on a building at work, so 4 long moths of work finally paid off.  Now if I could only figure out how to get a larger cut of the broker's fees.
September 6
Image of the Day
You can only upgrade something so far before it's not worth the effort.  I spent most the day trying to get some ASP pages to work and then any spare time trying to help out closing the sale of a building. Who would have thought that it would be so hard to purchase a building for $2million dollars less that it is worth.  Chinese food seems to be so expensive these days, even the buffets are like $10 a person. Where are the days of 3 rice paper rolls for $2
September 7
Image of the Day
 I used to draw lots of celtic artwork. I can't seem to find much time these days though to keep the drawings coming out on paper, although I have been able to get a lot more digital artwork done lately.
September 8
Image of the Day
Definition of goth:
A style of rock music characterized by an intense or droning blend of guitar, bass, and drums, often with mystical or apocalyptic lyrics. Also, a performer or follower of this music or the youth subculture which surrounds it, favoring a white-faced appearance with heavy black make-up and predominantly black clothing. 
A back-formation of Gothic; the style of dress and some elements of the lyrics evoke the style of gothic fantasy.
September 9
Image of the Day
 In all the time that I have known her 
I have never truly looked into her eyes 

Perhaps I was blinded by the friendship 
That comforted me during times of despair 

Or perhaps it was simply the soothing warmth 

Of the smile she shared when she came near 

I just don't know 

When I finally opened my eyes 
I saw something truly beautiful in hers 

Something even more warm and comforting 

Than I ever felt from her before 

I found a place where I could truly be at peace again 

If she would open her eyes as well

September 10
Image of the Day
 Where sky greets fire 
And time clings to the mind 

Self illusions flickering images 

Shadows of pantomime 

Gestures of a forgotten age 

Creation from wisdom failed 

Reflections draw near 

Grasping at the formless... 

Dreams speak jibberish 

Thoughts stutter and slur 

Mind rambles on aimlessly... 

Drifting by desire 

Depth of binding nightmare 

Lifted from time and space 

A fragile attempt 

Night circles and falls inside 

Burning in the eyes 

Placidity encloses 

Into final form...

Dreams speak jibberish 

Thoughts stutter and slur 

Mind rambles on aimlessly 

Poem By Summer Bowman

Singer for The Machine in the Garden

Band Page

Home page
September 11
Image of the Day
Here's the one machine to start off your day with.  A computer & a coffee machine in one unit. Look for these to start appearing in police patrol cars.  Now if I could only get a doughnut machine my life would be set.  I've been stuck working on the same ASP page for like 4 days now, ohh the joys of not having a single access provider. 
Hell = programming = Microsoft = Back Pains
September 12
Image of the Day
The ASP page crisis was finally fixed, it only took 5 days and help from a friendly ASP programmer Scott Swain.  Not many people will work for charity, praise, and goodwill these days. Check out his creative site at Praise to my ISP, PrismNet, for not setting up the DSN correctly and the access to the database files, but getting the problem solved in the end.

We got our first rainfall in 60+ days here. We are turning into the desert lands of Arizona at this rate.

September 13
Image of the Day
Well now is the time to attack London and most countries within Europe. A fuel shortage would definitely aid in gaining air superiority and the road blockades would prevent rapid deployments of tanks and troops within their zones.  If it could last another week most essential services would be at a standstill and generators would have to run off of backup reserve capacity. Even companies like catapillar only have a backup diesel tank for 2 day of business. It would also be easy to manipulate oil contracts on the market easier& make large profits by selling off excess capacity.
September 14
Image of the Day
British Army on Standby As Fuel Crisis Deepens 
`There is a real danger now for the national health service and other essential services,'' he said. ``Lives are at risk if these people cannot get to work. "The Ministry of Defense said 80 trucks and 160 men were being deployed to military bases, from where they would be able deliver army oil reserves to public services as a last resort. Retailer J Sainsbury Plc has written to the government to warn food shortages loomed within days. Television beamed pictures of empty bread shelves and store managers urging customers to refrain from panic buying.

This is a short clip from the article which I found interesting.  If the army oil reserves are depleated and cannot be replenished quickly then this makes the countries armed forces that much weaker and open to attack from other countries. Imagine what could happen if the US ever decides to open up the large reserve help here in North America.  This could easily lead to a chain reaction or situation where people would need their 2 year supply of food.

September 15
Image of the Day
Here's my art expression for the day:
The following sites lead to decryption software for viewing a DVD on your computer without the actual DVD.

or if you lazy you can just download them from below DeCSS plus (source & Windows .exe DeXSS v1.21b (Windows)

 cssauthlinux.tar.gz  CSS authorization code (Source Code)

 DecVOB.tar.gz (DecVOB (Linux Source)

What are these files talking about, look below for a brief explanation Cryptanalysis of Contents Scrambling System (CSS)


September 16
Image of the Day
How To Transport Two 150 Pound Sulcata
                            By Suzy

 1. Rent a large van.

 2. Cover floor with carpet.

 3. Cover carpet with straw.

 4. Get a blanket and a wheelbarrow

 5. Load tort in wheelbarrow.

 6. Load tort in van, close door.

 7. Open door and convince tort he can not ride up front.

 8. Close van. Start van.

 9. Shut off van. Open door.

 10. Remove tort from side door well.

 11. Fill side door well with plywood.

 12. Rearrange torts, again. Close door.

 13. Get back in truck, and leave.

 14.  Listen to torts scratch at the walls trying to find a place they like.

 15. Compute in head price for new van and story for rental yard.

 16. Get on the freeway for a 4 hour drive.

 17.  At last , torts find corners they like and sleep.

 18.  Mentally rearrange existing pen plans to accommodate very determined torts.

 19. Compute cost of new landscaping that will definitely not  survive these guys.

 20.  Home sweet home...leave torts in van till morning. safe and sound and sleeping.

 21.  Unload torts.. Set up house and pen modifications.

 22.  Spend rest of the day cleaning the van!
September 17
Image of the Day
 Tortoise bano only $5.99
September 18
Image of the Day
 Sulcata Tortoise, this is the cute little turtle I got. He's supposed to get pretty big though, so we'll see how long it takes him to grow into his current tank.
September 19
Image of the Day
A side view of my turtle isn't he cute.
September 20
Image of the Day
 This is a picture I found that although it isn't my turtle lemon, it shows a good estimate of how big he is.
September 21
Image of the Day
 Ah the perfect king bed. Now all I need is a nice princess to share it with.
September 22
Image of the Day
 This is the pet I want one day. A cotton-top monkey.  Now I just need to save up the $3000 to buy him
September 23
Image of the Day
I was amused with my smurf fetish & them I come across more & more stuff about in in relations to Dubai.  It must be from all the european schooling influence in the society there.


 The Smurf Children's Theatrical Troupe of Britain delighted the young and the old with four daily shows at the Mamzar Park from March 3 to 24 as part of Dubai Municipality's events for Dubai Shopping Festival 2000.

 The show, the first of its kind in the Middle East, was a top entertainer, with stellar performances by five child members and four amazing dancers. The highlight of the show was the song performed by the five child artists, which was highly appealing to children of all age groups. Four dancers accompanying the
 troupe also put up a scintillating display of dances to the tune of lilting music.

 There were four shows every day at Mamzar Park's open-air theatre, which is equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment and was appropriately decorated for the occasion. The shows revolved around the significance of collective work and cooperation as well as Smurf's love for good deeds and their fight against forces of evil which are represented by Sharshabil. 

September 24
Image of the Day
 Marhaba one of the few words I remember means welcome in arabic.
September 25
Image of the Day
This picture sums up how I feel at work sometimes. Overwhelmed but happy to be learning new things all the time.
September 26
Image of the Day
Dubai, United Arab Emirates is only 16 hours away by flight & $3,624.73 for a roundtrip ticket. 
Total miles: 8300 mi

Total flight time:16hr 41mn (20hr 35mn with connections)

Now all I need is to find a rich sponsor to be my host & pay for my trip to visit home again.
September 27
Image of the Day
I glance back & suddenly a week has passed by me. It's amazing that the will of the people can be so easily overruled by it's leaders. How many times has the American public decried an action of our government on deaf ears also. I see it a little hypocritical of the U.S. government to act as the judge in the political elections of another sovereign government.
September 28
Image of the Day
Who is BT?  BT is Brian Wayne Transeau.

Well, first off, Hooverphonic opened with a one-hour set. I've  heard their music before and never been a huge fan, but on stage it's definitely much less electronic and much more live-rock-ish. I was impressed.  The singer had an accent that made the music that much more enjoyable, and she was cute.

After them, BT's stuff took an hour to set up, and then everyone came on stage. A guitarist/electric cello player, a tambourine player/female vocalist, a bass player/second female vocalist, a drummer, a black male vocalist, and BT himself.

No comparison whatsoever! I was front and right for this concert and it was the best I have ever seen. He rocked that place last night. The band did an AWESOME job and BT put off so much energy it was insane. The main reason I'm writing this is because I cant talk from screaming the entire night. Thanks to BT for the best time me I have had in a long time.

September 29
Image of the Day
My entertainment for the evening was the movie Remember the Titans. I give it a 4 out of 10.  The plotline of the movie was very predictable.  There were no big climatic moments that hadn't already been seen from the promotions they ran for the movie. 
September 30
Image of the Day
Pecan Street festival anyone. Atlas I didn't feel like strolling in the sun today.  Today was a time to attempt to relax a little and enjoy the weekend. Seems that I never seem to get enough of that these days.